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Wam Renewable Energy
Wam PAE - Hydrodynamic Screws

RONCUZZI PAE-type Hydrodynamic Screws are designed for the production of electric energy. The machine works thanks to the difference of energy potential between two different points in a water flow.

The water, thanks to the difference between two levels of natural flow, is used by a rotor (that generates energy) and then flows again into its channel. The limit of this equipment is reached with geodetic heights of more than 10 metres and flow rates higher than 5,500 l/s

PAE-type Hydrodynamic Screws can be used in many applications:

Replacement of small turbines which require reconditioning;
Replacement of damaged water-wheels;
Clean water discharge in waste water treatment plants;
Surplus water utilization in existing channels or weirs;
Utilization of water power in long-term unused channels;
Utilization of cooling water from electric power plants;
Utilization of processing waste water (from paper mills, mills etc.).
No control system required. The screw automatically adapts to mains frequency and to the water flow rate. PLC and frequency converter are not required.
Higher efficiency than water wheels or small turbines
Constant and stable efficiency
Solid sturdy design
No cleaning, little maintenance, shortest possible machine downtime
No fine screen needed
Little underground digging required compared to turbines
Wam TCB - Bulk Biomass Conveying System

The system consists of:

- BFS Horizontal Screw Feeder
- BVS Vertical Screw Conveyor
- BIS Injector Screw

The BFS Screw Feeder receives the material from the mixer/hopper and transfers it to the BVS Vertical Screw Conveyor. The BFS Screw Feeder is a discharging equipment provided with optional inlet spouts which are pre-engineered to suit the most commonly used mixers on the market.

The BVS Vertical Screw Conveyor receives the material from the BFS Screw Feeder through a tangential or frontal discharge port. The BVS Vertical Screw Conveyor lifts the biomass to an appropriate height where it feeds it into the BIS Injector Screw.

The BIS Injector Screw collects the bulk material from the BVS Vertical Screw Conveyor and injects it into the digester below the liquid level.

The TCB Bulk Biomass Conveying System is a complete and versatile screw conveyor system which extracts the bulk fraction of the biomass from the mixer/hopper, lifting and charging it into the digester of the biogas production plant.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

Modular and versatile
Facilitates inspection
Vertical Screw Conveyor with load-bearing
Extra-thick heavy-duty helicoid flighting
manufactured from highly resistant steel
Standard connection for mixers/hoppers
Highly efficient conveying

Clean and silent
Versatile in conveying various organic matters
Sturdy fabrication and mechanical components
Small footprint
Standardized industrial product

Options & Accessories

Bridge breaker on inlet spout for mixer/hopper
Injector Screw support
Adjustable feet for BVS in 304 SS
304 SS support structure for BFS

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