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Wam bulk solids handling
Wam is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing equipment and plant components for bulk solids handling and processing. 

Compact dust collectors for mines

Since the early 1980s WAM has developed a unique range of compact dust collectors for air filtration that meets the requirements of every user. Today it offers a comprehensive dust collector range for de-dusting and dust control for virtually all industrial applications, including mines.

Our range of compact dust collectors for mines includes:

DRYBATCH — dry-batch concrete-plant dust collectors
DUSTSHAKE R01 — polygonal dust collectors with shaker cleaning
HOPPERJET — hopper venting filters
WAMAIR — polygonal dust collectors
WAMAIR Vacuum — insertable polygonal dust collectors for negative pressure
WAMECO — clamped round-dust collectors
WAMFLO — flanged round-dust collectors
HOPPERTOP — weigh-hopper venting filters
SILOTOP — silo venting filters

Screw conveyors for bulk solids

Over the years they have developed screw conveyors for specific purposes relating to bulk solids. Cement screw conveyors and feeders for concrete batching plants were the first screw conveyors they manufactured in the early 1970s, followed by light-duty flour milling screw conveyors with synthetic maintenance-free intermediate bearings.

Heavy-duty screw conveyors

Heavy-duty cement screw conveyors, as used in the concrete industry, are particularly robust and equipped with self-adjusting stuffing boxes. Extra-heavy-duty screw conveyors, designed for continuous operation in cement, lime and gypsum processing, come with flanged shaft couplings for easy screw replacement.

Shaftless screw or spiral conveyors

Difficult materials with high-moisture content that have a tendency to stick to the centre pipe or flight in traditional screw conveyors, such as sludge or screenings, are successfully handled by shaftless screw or spiral conveyors with ultra-heavy-duty helicoid flighting.

High-accuracy screw feeders

As a result of its long-term expertise in screw feeding, WAM has developed a comprehensive range of high-accuracy screw feeders for both micro-feed rates and large volumes. The range includes feeders with agitator tools, feeders with flexible troughs for gently massaging and blending the material, feeders for steep angle applications and many others.
Screw feeders for discharging bulk materials

WAMGROUP offers a variety of equipment for discharging bulk materials, including single, twin-shafted screw feeders (screw conveyors and feeders) and multiple-shafted flood-fed screw feeders (live bin bottoms) in a customised standard design for various applications and for materials as different as flour, bran, wood chippings, sawdust, shredded paper or sludge.

Wastewater and sludge treatment equipment for mines

The SPECO division of WAM specialises in wastewater treatment equipment development and manufacturing. SPECO's WASTEMASTER range of equipment can provide a complete mechanical effluent pre-treatment for locations including mines: conveying, elevating, screening, de-watering and compacting, de-gritting and de-greasing.

SPECO also offers compact WASTEMASTER pre-treatment stations that combine the above-mentioned functions in a single unit.
Mixers and conditioners for powders and mine applications

A vast range of mixers and conditioners for different types of powders and applications including mines: from dry premixed mortar or wall plasters to asphalt production, from foundry filter dust to porcelain in the ceramics industry, and for all types of dust that allow moistening for recovery or disposal.
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Bulk Solids Handling & Processing
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