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Torex Wam Silo Safety Components
Torex Wam KCS - Silo Safety System

The KCS Silo Safety System for the safeguarding of silos consists of a central electronic monitoring and control unit which manages a series of silos and a component kit including, in the basic version one power panel for each silo, a silo pipe connection, a pinch valve, a tanker coupling with the filling pipe, a maximum level indicator, a differential pressure switch or electronic pressure meter, a pressure gauge for the venting filter wam, a pressure relief valve, and an audible alarm.

The KCS Silo Safety System can be used for silos which are filled by tanker with powders or granular materials.
Damage to the silo or its accessories is most likely during the operation of filling from tankers. This is due to the risk of overfilling or excess pressurisation.
The KCS system, supplied in component form, prevents both overfilling and excess pressurisation, thus avoiding damage to the silo, to the venting filter wam or other accessories, and reducing the risk of dust emission into the atmosphere.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

Avoids harm to people and damage to the silo and its accessories
Reduces risk of air pollution
Eliminates risk of filling the wrong silo
Starts and stops filter cleaning automatically
Electronic pressure meter gives indication of when the filter may need attention
Internal pressure monitoring of each silo
Maximum level indication
Reveals presence of compressed air to venting filter wam (if air jet filter is used) and pinch valve

Options & Accessories

Central control panel
Individual power panel
Pressure gauge
Pressure relief valve VCP
Audible alarm
Tanker coupling
Venting filter
Pressure switch/differential pressure meter
Spigot for pressure switch/meter
Level indicator
Pinch valve incl. pneumatic control panel
Wam VCP - Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves

VCP Pressure Relief Valves consist of a cylindrical casing with a bottom flange to be connected with a spigot welded on the silo roof, a disc shape inner steel lid for negative pressure operation held in position by a central spring rod, an outside steel ring for excess pressure kept in position by three spring rods, gaskets, and a weather protection cover.

In the VCP Pressure Relief Valve, helical springs keep the valve lids closed when the pressure value remains within the preset limits. The three outside spring rods keep the external ring-shaped lid firmly closed as long as the force generated by the pressure inside the silo does not overcome the spring force. Once the pressure exceeds the preset value the lid is pushed up and the pressure can escape. The smaller lid covers the central circular opening of the external lid from below. It is held in the middle by a single spring rod and is pressed onto the external lid by the normal air pressure inside the silo. In the event of suction pressure, the spring is compressed and allows the lid to drop. The air entering the silo from outside ensures rapid pressure balance and pushes the central lid back up into the "closed" position.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

Carbon steel body (VCP2731B) painted RAL 7001 or 304 stainless steel body (VCP2732B)
Weather protection cover in stainless steel
Body diameter: 273mm (10 in); 356mm (14 in)
Air volume up to 13,000m3/h (7,650 cfm)
Equipment for inductive signalling sensors
Both versions preset for maximum negative pressure of - 0.005 bar (- 0.07 psi) and maximum excess pressure of + 0.05 bar (0.72 psi).
Optionally valves can be set for maximum excess pressure ranging from + 0.03 bar (0.4 psi) to + 0.08 bar (1.16 psi), as well as for maximum negative pressure of - 0.001 bar (- 0.014 psi)
Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs) for Ø 273mm (10 in); 23 kg (51 lbs) for Ø 356mm (14 in)
Lightweight design and reduced overall dimensions make handling extremely comfortable
High resistance to atmospheric agents
Easy to fit
Quick maintenance

Options & Accessories

ATEX-certified version for zone 21
Inspection hatch
Inductive sensors
Bird net 
Wam VHS - Membrane Pressure Relief Valves

VHS Pressure Relief Valves consist of a cylindrically shaped metal body with clamp connection spigot to the silo, an exhaust outlet spout for duct connection, an elastic diaphragm able to re-establish pressure balance instantaneously, a counterweight kit to keep the Valve closed under normal conditions, and a weather protection cover.

For some time, tighter safety regulations in industrialized countries have ensured stricter enforcement of rules regarding the safeguarding of silos and bins against excess and negative pressure. There is no question that other countries will have to follow this example.

The counterweight-loaded VHS-type Pressure Relief Valve has one decisive advantage over the other type manufactured by WAM, the VCP. Due to the moment of inertia of the helical springs on the VCP, pressure balance is re-established extremely quickly but not instantaneously.

The VHS, on the other hand, does the job in real time. Through an interplay of pressure on different surface areas on both sides of a diaphragm fitted inside the valve housing, perfect pressure balance is achieved. In the event of excess pressure this interaction enables air from inside the silo to flow back into the atmosphere; in case of suction pressure the air penetrates from the atmosphere into the silo.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits

Casing in carbon steel (VHS2731B), painted RAL 7001 (silver-grey) or in 304 stainless steel (VHS2732B)
Body diameter = 273mm (10 in)
Air volume up to 5,000m3/h (2,950 cfm)
Exhaust outlet spout for connection with centralised suction system
These Valves are preset for a maximum negative pressure of - 0.005 bar (0.07 psi) and a maximum excess pressure of + 0.05 bar (0.72 psi).
Should customer requirements be different, the Valves can be set at a maximum excess pressure ranging from + 0.02 bar (0.29 psi) to + 0.08 bar (1.16 psi).
Weight: 22 kg (49 lbs)
Small overall dimensions
Short maintenance time
The working principle of the VHS Pressure Relief Valve itself is innovative. Its special double-acting diaphragm pervious to air sees to both excess and suction pressure relief.
The special properties of the diaphragm avoid blockage, as well as the formation of material crusts. 

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