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Bulk processing equipment
When faced with unique bulk material handling challenges, our company can provide innovative equipment designs engineered for your challenging applications. In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, bulk solids equipment must work from the start, operate reliably, and have a long service life.

During equipment engineering, we carefully consider the flowability of the bulk material, as determined through flow properties testing. This approach eliminates typical problems seen in bulk material handling designs when the equipment is specified without a complete understanding of a material’s flow behavior or unique characteristics such as abrasiveness, friability (attrition or breakage of particles), or dustiness.

Dry Bulk Material Handling

Wamgroup material handling and packaged product recovery equipment for automated bulk material processing and packaging systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide bulk material production and processing operations the equipment necessary to maximize process capacity and optimize line throughput and productivity.

Wamgroup offers a full line of material handling and packaged product recovery equipment and automatic bulk material packaging and processing systems, including: bulk bag dischargers and unloaders, bulk bag fillers, and container dumpers for discharging of dry bulk material from totes, bins, drums, and gaylord boxes. Wamgroup also manufactures bulk material mixing and blending systems, agitator hoppers and storage bins and hoppers, dry and wet packaged product recovery systems, automated bag emptying systems, flexible screw and solid core screw conveyors, and a full line of pneumatic material conveyor systems, components and accessories.

Bulk Material Handling

The bulk material handling Industry has come a long way in streamlining, optimizing and organizing the process of material handling. Industrial material handling has improved in three areas:

Increased efficiency to lower costs
Increased safety to lower accident rates
Increased capacity to lower the amount of space needed for the equipment

These improvements have occurred throughout the process of moving, storing and protecting bulk materials. The investment needed to purchase bulk material handling equipment has decreased, while return on investment and sustainability has increased.

Bulk Processing Solutions

We design and manufacture equipment that includes amongst others: rotary vane feeders, flap valves, knife gates, screw conveyors, diverter valves, vibrating bin dischargers, telescopic loaders and ribbon blenders specifically for the handling of powdered and granular solids. All of the products are designed and manufactured in-house.
We provides both custom bulk solid handling equipment as well as customisable solutions

We offer solutions for all industries dealing with bulk materials and covers the entire spectrum of bulk materials handling and storage applications.

Our comprehensive laboratory test facilities and our highly qualified and commited team of engineers and consultants are available to assist you to overcome existing handling problems and to design new systems which will guarantee future trouble-free plant operation. We offer a comprehensive Wamgroup product range including equipment for

Bulk Material Handling
Dust Filtration
Waste Water
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Drying & Thermal Solids
Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control
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Bulk Solids Handling & Processing
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