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Animal feed milling equipment
Animal feed ingredients can be processed with Sturtevant’s impact mills and pin mills and are a great resource when trying to reduce those ingredients in particle size.

Air classification is often used to process animal feed due to its ability to separate the animal feed meal into smaller
and less dense particles, providing higher protein content. This process makes a cost effective and nutritious pet food.

Feed ingredients range from grain mixes to orange rinds to beet pulps.

The Food and Beverage industries strive to supply food to new markets quickly and inexpensively, convert to more efficient packaging techniques (e.g., single serve packets), demonstrate to consumers that their products are superior to those of their competitors, find new ways to transform ordinary foods into value-added (e.g., organic), or convenience products.

Taste, smell, appearance, and other sensory triggers are all critical aspects affecting the success of a food product. Additional key factors a producer considers include shelf-life, stability, marketability, and obviously, costs.

During handling of raw ingredients (flour, sugar, salt), additives (baking soda, citric acid, phosphates), or finished products (cereal, dry powder beverage), food manufacturers frequently encounter poor flow . These problems can lead to process upsets, down time, and require frequent operator intervention. Product quality problems can be triggered by spoilage (i.e., microbial growth) or powder caking, both of which are often the result of material stagnation in food storage bins. Other problems may include attrition (breakage) of cereals, candies, or pastas, uneven distribution of seasonings, and drink mix segregation. Poor material flow has been a root cause for some of the recent recalls of food products.
Common Materials Handled

Below, please find a shortened list of the bulk materials we have successfully handled in the Food & Beverage industry to date. Please note the below list is just a small sampling of the materials we've handled for clients in the Food & Beverage industry.

Flours (white, wheat, coarse)
Grains (whole, shelled)
Cereals and granola
Sugars (raw, cane, beet, 10X)
Salts (coarse, fine, blended)
Snacks and seasonings
Coffee (beans, flake, ground)
Candies and mints
Drink mixes
Animal Feed Milling Equipment - Product Data Sheets
Tubular Trough Screw Conveyors & Feeders CAO

Bucket Elevators EC-220 / EF-220

Chain Conveyors TCG-220

WAMFLO Dust Collectors FN-220 and FNX-220

WAMAIR Dust Collectors FP-220 / FPX-220

WAMAIR Dust Collectors FP-220 / FPX-220

Slide Valves VL

Slide Valves VG

Diverter Valves DVA

Single Shaft Screw Feeders SU

Tapered Twin Shaft Screw Feeders BU

Live Bin Bottoms MU-220

Bin Activator BA-220 / BAEX-220

Lump Breakers DLP

Manual Bag Openers RSM-220 / RSMX-220

Waste Bag Compactor COM

FIBC Dischargers SBB-220

BINSWEEP Rotary Dischargers BSN-220

Tanker Loading Bellows ZG / ZA

Micro-Batch Feeders MBF

Drop-Through Rotary Valves RV / RVR

Loss-In-Weight Screw Feeders DCC

Rotary Level Indicators ILT

Silo Safety System KCS

VCP Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves

Membrane Pressure Relief Valves VHS


Diverter Valves VAR/VAD

Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers WBHV

Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers WBHP-WBHT

Continuous Single Shaft Mixers WAH

Ribbon Blenders WBN

Batch-Type Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers WTS

Laboratory Mixer MLH

Dust Conditioner DUSTFIX

Animal Feed Milling Equipment - Product List
Wam Tubular Screw Conveyors Roncuzzi Wam EC - Bucket Elevators Roncuzzi Wam TCG - Chain Conveyors
WAMFLO - Wam Flanged Round Dust Collectors WAMAIR - Wam Polygonal Dust Collectors Wam VFS - Butterfly Valves
Wam VL - SINT Slide Valves Wam DVA - Diverter Flap Valves Wam Screw Feeders
Wam Screw Conveyors & Feeders (specific) Wam MU - Live Bin Bottoms Extrac BA - Bin Activators
Extrac Wam DLP - Lump Breakers Extrac Wam RSM - Manual Bag Emptiers Extrac Wam COM - Waste Bag Compactors
Extrac Wam SBB - FIBC Dischargers Extrac Wam BINSWEEP - Rotary Bin Dischargers Torex Wam ZG - Tanker Loading Bellows
Wam Micro-screw Feeders Torex Wam RV - RVR - Drop-Through Rotary Valves Torex Wam DCC - Loss-In-Weight Screw Feeders
Torex Wam ILT - Rotary Level Indicators Torex Wam KCS - Silo Safety System Wam VCP - Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves
Wam VHS - Membrane Pressure Relief Valves Wam EXTRABEND - Anti-Wear Elbows Wam EXTRACURVE - Wide Radius Anti-Wear Elbows
Torex Wam VAD - Diverter Valves Map Wam WBH - Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers Map Wam WBHP / WBHT - Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers
Map Wam WAH - Continuous Single Shaft Mixers Map Wam WBN - Tubular Batch-Type Ribbon Blenders Map Wam WTS - Batch-Type Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers
Map Wam MLH - Laboratory Mixers Map Wam DUSTFIX - Dust Conditioners
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